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Ten Feet Away
Written By: Troy Seals, Max D Barnes And Billy Sherrill

Alone at a corner table
She was watching me watching her
I was singing about an old flame burning
She was hanging onto every word
I was pouring out my heart
She was pouring out the wine
Through the Smoke and beer
It was perfectly clear
That we were touching each others mind

It was love
Ten feet Away
Imagine her in my arms
with that look on her face
lyin somewhere in some shadowy place
It was love
Just Ten Feet Away

I knew my closing song would do it
I knew I was heaven bound
I could tell she ws moved
But before i was thru
A stranger walked up and sat down
He was trying his best to impress her
but she never took her eyes off of me
When he got up and lefted i said to myself
What a night this will be