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This site is by no means the official Keith Whitley website. We are however the largest and most comprehensive site about Keith but we often find that people are referring to us as the official, mainly because of the large amount of resources and information concerning Keith. We are not responsible for this and are not endorsed by Lorrie Morgan. We have provided the new Whitley listener with audio files and much more to inform you about the man and the music as well as features for long time fans. We Encourge everyone to interact with the choices we have, take part in the polls, forums and by all means give us feed back! After all this page is for the fans and what is the site, if we don't have input from the readers? If you are a fan club member you may be in for a new experience, we are currently developing a special members only section where you will be treated with special online events and other features.

-- The main source of information comes from Troy Elder. He is the fan club representative and collects data for the site. He has been a friend of the whitley family for well over 9 years.(like to learn more about troy? check out his personal page! There you can find images of his baby girl lyric as well as much much more!)

-- The Main designer, Eve Morris is a friend of the Whitleys and has been an avid Whitley fan for at least 12 years and known the Whitley family for about four years.She is a Freshman at Union University in Jackson TN. She runs her own design company entitled Seven Productions. She is a guitarist in a quite popular praise and worship band entitled 3 way stop

Contacting information:

Troy Elder 452 Stanley Street Chillicothe, OH 45601 United States The Keith Whitley Fan Club Representative

Eve Morris 1709 Washington St Savannah Tn 38372 United States

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All materials Troy Elder, Eve Morris, The Whitley family and the original owners. Any misuse of these materials are prohibited. Please be kind and visit some sponsors on our page, they pay the bills. Also please do not link directly to images of other files hosted on our server because it steals bandwidth and make sure you have permission to use them in the first place. We have tons of information here and you may think we will not notice if you use some of it, but we will. Just respect us that much, Please? Thank you and we hope you enjoy this site. To view this stie as it is intended to be you must have hte following plugins installed on your PC. Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher, Real Player 8, a monitor with at least 16-bit resolution. All except the monitor is free of charge but most monitors are capable of displaying this setting. If you still can not view it properly for some reason and need further help, Please email and explain what site you are having problems with and what happens.
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