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I'm No Stranger to The Rain
Written by: Sonny Curtis and Ron Hellard

I'm no stranger to the rain
I'm a friend of thunder is it any wonder that lightin strikes me?
I've fought with the devil
Got down on his level
But I never gave in so he gave up on me

I'm No stranger to the rain I've been sacrificed by brothers
Crucified by lovers
But through it all I with stood the pain
I'm No stranger to the rain
When I get that foggy feeling
what I'm feeling now if I dont keep my head I may drown
But its hard to keep believin' if I'll even come out even
while this rain beats a hole in the ground
And tonight its really coming down

I'm no stranger to the rain
but theres always be tomorrow
I'll beg steal or borrow a little sunshine
I'll put this cloud behind me
thats how the man designed me
To ride the wind and dance in a hurricane
Im No Stranger To The Rain