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"Miami, My Amy"
Written By:Hank Cochran, Dean Dillion And Royce Porter

Everybody talks about those California quakes
but the first time I ever felt the earth shake was in Miami
When Amy touched me Oh it shook me
I told her I loved her and wanted her to stay
but she said be sure and I'll call you in L.A.
Even in a Taxi I could hear my teleaphone ring

Calling me From Miami My Amy
What took you so long
I thought You'd never call
Miami My Amy loves me after all

Now Amy just called and said please come back
said I'm on my way babe ain't even unpacked
I want you I love you
Thats all she had to say
Goodbye L.A.
Now once again I'm Miami baound
cant wait 'til this plane touches down
'cuz i know my Amy will be waiting at that Miami Gate
I Cant wait